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AGE meetings are usually held on the second Saturday of each month at 6:00 PM. Variances in the date, location, or format of a meeting are announced on the AGE homepage shortly after the preceding meeting. Meetings last about two hours and focus on the sharing and discussion of personal gender issues. A brief time at the end may be required for group business. Most of those in attendance go out to eat together at a nearby restaurant after the meeting.

Most AGE meetings are held at a welcoming church in southeastern Atlanta. Our primary meeting location is kept confidential for the safety of our members, particularly those who are stealth. Contact an officer for the meeting location. Personal information shared at meetings, including names of those in attendence, should also be kept confidential.

We encourage you to dress for AGE meetings in a manner that is comfortable for you. We ask if you are planning to go out to eat with the group that you refrain from provocative clothing.